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Solar energy – even when there is no sun?

Fronius presents in this short animated film how the energy supply of the future could look.

  • Status quo: at the moment, we are used to electricity always costing the same (exception: night storage heaters with off-peak tariffs). This results in an uneven utilisation of power stations.

  • Energy management: this means matching energy consumption to the power generated with the help of smart meters and intelligent consumers, and always using the cheapest electricity – either self-generated solar power or cheap off-peak electricity.

  • Short-term energy storage for self-generated solar power: the short-term energy storage system (a battery) stores surplus solar power during the day and delivers it back to consumers at night – when there is no sunlight or in the event a power failure (emergency power supply).

  • Long-term energy storage with the Fronius Energy Cell: while batteries are not suitable for long-term storage because they are highly self-discharging, the Fronius Energy Cell converts surplus electricity generated during the summer into hydrogen. This allows electricity to be stored for years with practically no energy loss. In winter, the hydrogen is converted back into electricity and supplied to consumers.

Please click on the image to start the film.

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