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Product Animations - Fronius IG Plus / Fronius IG Plus V/ Fronius IG Plus Advanced

Fronius MIX Concept 
Get the maximum power harvest out of partial load ranges, e.g. on cloudy days, through a clever combination of multiple power stages in each inverter.  The power stages in Fronius inverters divide up the work depending on operating hours and only operate as many power stages as required to efficiently process available power from the PV array.  Each day, the power stage with the lowest number of operating hours begins operation so that the individual power stages are evenly utilized and therefore extending the service life of each power stage.  Should one power module fail, the others will continue to function reliably.


Fronius MIX concept
Fronius MIX Concept

The easy installation principle of the Fronius IG Plus power-plug system allows the connection and power stage compartments to be installed separately.  During installation, only the connection compartment needs to be mounted onto the wall.  Once all connections are completed, you simply plug-in the power stage(s) to the connection compartment where it is easily fitted to the connector.  Should servicing be required, the connection compartment remains on the wall, maintaining all settings and configurations. 


Smart Ventilation Design 
The sophisticated ventilation design keeps disruptive ambient factors such as biological infestations, dust, moisture, or coastal salt air outside of the Fronius IG Plus inverters and away from the circuitry. How? Cool air is drawn in through a filter screen on the back of the inverter and routed through a closed channel over the heat sink. This prevents contact between outside air and the circuit boards while cooling the inverter components, ensuring the inverter operates consistently.  For an added measure of protection, all circuit boards are dipped in Conformal coating.


Power Stage Replacement  
The new Power-Plug system for the Fronius IG Plus series not only facilitates installation, but also significantly simplifies any servicing work that may be required in the future. The power stage compartment can be exchanged on-site by any certified service provider. The connection compartment, including cabling and all configurations, simply remains on the wall. This means fast and efficient servicing and minimal downtime.

Replacing the Power Stage
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