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About us
About usHistory

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For over 65 years the name Fronius has stood for intensive research and the constant search for new, innovative solutions.   Our state-of-the-art products have received numerous international awards for innovation, environmental stewardship and best practices. 

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Establishment of the Energy & Environment Division, with business units for photovoltaics and battery charging systems.


Launch of the "Sunrise" grid-connected solar inverter for generating electricity from solar energy and feeding it into the power grid.



Innovation Prize of the Province of Upper Austria for the "Sunrise" solar inverter.
solar inverter "Sunrise"


Launch of the "Solarix", a sine-wave solar inverter for stand-alone operation. The first such unit - anywhere - in which the inverter and charge controller really do work together smoothly.


Innovation Prize of the Province of Upper Austria for the sine-wave solar inverter "Solarix".


The "Fronius IG" grid-connected inverter is launched. With features such as data communication via plug-in cards, low weight and its compatibility with all common makes of photovoltaic module, the "Fronius IG" achieves the utmost in flexibility for the client.


Award of the Environment Prize of the Province of Upper Austria for the "Fronius IG" solar inverter.

Fronius IG


Market launch of the Fronius IG 40 / 60 with MIXTM concept. The MIXTM concept achieves a marked increase in energy yield under part load and also enables more efficient utilisation of the inverter.  
Fronius IG 40 / 60


Fronius Solar Electronics triples its production capacity from 70 MW to 200 MW! Additionally, inverters are UL certified for the USA, and Fronius expands its US sales subsidiary to include the Solar Electronics Division.
US-Inverter Fronius IG


Market launch of the first central inverter with MIXTM design, the Fronius IG 500, in Europe and Korea. Multiple small power components in an inverter boost efficiency under partial load.
Fronius IG central inverter


European market launch of the new Fronius IG Plus grid-connected PV inverters with new power classes to expand the proven Fronius IG series.  These high-tech devices include many advantages and grant maximum energy harvest  – cloudy or clear!
Fronius IG Plus


HyLOG presents a CO²-free internal logistics system in Sattledt with photovoltaic, electrolysis and hydrogen power. The project was honored by the Austrian Solar Award and the Energy Globe Award.
HyLOG: CO²-free internal logistics system


Fronius receives the Frost & Sullivan "Best Practices Award" for its development of the innovative and high-performance Fronius IG Plus PV inverter series as well as for its outstanding service.  Fronius USA, LLC launches the IG Plus line of inverters in North America.


Launch of the new Fronius CL PV central inverter series available from 33 kW to 60 kW options. Combining high-yield power electronics with a unique, modular system design of up to 15 power stages, the CL utilizes MIX™ technology to maximize energy harvest even on cloudy days. 


For the Solar Energy Division, 2013 is the year of innovation and growth. After a successful 2011-2012 in Solar Energy, 2013 Fronius was solidified as a global leader for renewable innovations. To increase market, many product innovations are presented to the customers and introdruced to the market in the course of the year. The motto is:
'Why we love a challenge? Because challenges breed innovation.'
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