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Sustainability for the PV Industry

We are all searching for a path to the perfect sustainable future. Our longevity is ensured by our commitment to sustainable practices. The PV industry, as it grows and matures, is endanger of an unsustainable future. Fronius USA is committed to sustainability and thus desired to research what steps would be crucial in order to secure that sustainable future of the industry overall.

After reviewing many factors and the overall lifetime costs involved for a PV system owner, Fronius USA found that the SnapINverter, or Fronius' field-serviceable string inverter line, was inevitably most cost-effective and sustainable for a system owner. This finding is crucial to future of the PV industry. Whether you currently have a PV system or are considering one, Fronius USA encourages customers to discover their own system lifetime costs and consider these prior to making an initial investment. Below, please find a link to the research and white paper, and click here to access our Online PV System Lifecycle Cost Calculator.


Fronius PV System Lifetime Cost Calculator
Fronius PV System Lifetime Cost Calculator

Download the PV Sustainability Technical Paper

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