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Fronius has developed a wire-feed unit for use in harsh conditions


Fronius has developed the VR 5000 Case, a wire-feed unit specifically for use in shipbuilding, offshore and rail vehicle construction applications. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions prevailing in the welding sector, the unit is extremely robust, impact resistant and, thanks to its portability and compact dimensions, easily integrated into the welder's everyday working environment.

Power sources and system components used in harsh working environments must be particularly resilient to high levels of mechanical stress. Every single day they are exposed to tropical rain, high levels of humidity, salt water and an increased concentration of electrically conductive contamination. So it's just as well that Fronius has taken these factors into account in the development of the VR 5000 Case wire-feed unit (for wire spool D 200) for the TransSteel series.

Among the essential criteria for the VR 5000 Case wire-feed unit are resistance to temperature and impacts, robustness and portability. The new internal connection sockets offer the highest levels of protection against soiling and damage. The side covers, which fold out on both sides, provide easy access to the wire spool, motor plate and the connection sockets for the interconnecting hosepack and are just one part of this sophisticated solution.

The low weight and compact dimensions of the unit make working in confined spaces much easier. The wire-feed unit fits easily though manholes with a diameter of up to 350 mm, a major advantage in the shipbuilding sector. The decision to fit sliding cams to the sides makes the unit easy to use whether in a vertical or a horizontal position.

The VR 5000 Case wire-feed unit will be available beginning February 2013.

VR 5000 Case Feeder
Easy access to the wire spool and drive rolls
Designed for real working environments
The VR 5000 fits through manholes as small as 350mm
VR 5000 Case FeederEasy access to the wire spool and drive rollsDesigned for real working environmentsThe VR 5000 fits through manholes as small as 350mm
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