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Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box

With the Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box, Fronius offers a reliable and easy to install solutions for all SnapINverters (up to 600 V input). Connected to the inverter through a closed control circuit, the Rapid Shutdown Box provides a safe means of de-energizing the DC circuit from the array to the inverter. If the inverter is disconnected from the grid, the control circuit is opened, and the output from the Rapid Shutdown Box is limited to less than 30 VDC within 10 seconds as mandated by CEC 2015 64-218. Fronius’ solution minimizes costs by requiring only a control circuit; no extra power supply, ground level hardware, or modification to the inverter is required.

Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box - Multi String


Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box - Single String


Ordering Current Transformers

Current Transformers (CTs) compatible with the Fronius Smart Meter can be ordered directly from Continental Control Systems. Detailed information on how to size your CTs can be found in our helpful guide below, Choosing a Current Transformer for the Fronius Smart Meter UL

Continental Control Systems, LLC
3131 Indian Rd.
Boulder, CO 80301 USA
Email: sales[at]ctlsys.com

Continental Control Systems' online order form will be updated shortly. In the meantime, please email their sales team to order.


Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box Documents

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