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Power sources

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TransPocket 180

TIG Stick

Fronius’s proven digital resonance concept has been refined to give even more precise and faster control of the welding current. Based on the presence of constant power reserves, there is an instant response to every minute change in the arc. This enables an ideal starting characteristic. A consistently perfect arc with minimum spatter leads to the best weld properties.

/ Perfect ignition: the reduced short circuit current on contact with the workpiece prevents the electrode from sticking. The current then increases to ensure that the arc does not break. The device then reaches the main, SoftStart or HotStart current, which the user can set precisely.

/ The new device series can be used with all electrodes. Rod electrodes with diameters up to ⁵⁄₃₂ inch and cellulose electrodes (CEL) give perfect welding results thanks to a special operating mode. New infinitely adjustable dynamic settings enable the user to adjust the ignition precisely to the electrodes being used. The HotStart function makes it easier to ignite CEL and rutile electrodes, while the SoftStart function enables a stable arc for basic electrodes, which ignite at a low welding current.

Download datasheet here.