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Integrated option for your Fronius Primo

/ Revenue Grade Meter has never been easier and more affordable. Introducing the first CSA certified residential inverter which provides standard revenue grade meter production right out of the box. The Fronius Primo with the Revenue Grade Meter option measures and exports production data that is compliant with ANSI C12.1 accuracy standards.


/ Save time, money and planning on your revenue grade meter installations. Since everything is integrated into the inverter‘s internal circuits, there is no need to install a meter, socket, conduit, power or communications. Simply install the Fronius Primo with the Revenue Grade Meter (RGM) option.

/ Production data can be exported via Fronius Solar.web monitoring, over SunSpec Modbus or sent directly to third party servers. Revenue Grade production data is required for certain state and federal residential PV rebate programs such as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) and Performance Based Incentives (PBIs). In order to qualify for these incentive programs PV production data must be measured and reported within a specific accuracy.

/ The Fronius Revenue Grade option is available on all Fronius Primo inverters from 3.8 to 15 kW.

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