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Fronius IG

Highest performance in the smallest space: Fronius IG - The allrounder with special talents.

General information 

How long is the warranty for the Fronius IG inverter?
All the inverters from the Fronius IG series with production dates from 01.01.05 onwards have a 5-year warranty.


Why are the readings on the electricity company’s meter and the inverter display different?
The electricity company's meters are legally calibrated measuring instruments that must fulfil certain criteria with respect to their tolerances. The inverter, on the other hand, is not a legally calibrated measuring instrument. The displayed energy is calculated from the measured current and the measured voltage and is intended to provide an overview of the amount of energy supplied.


My inverter is displaying status message “STATE 516”
This code indicates that more than 50 errors occurred on this day. This code appears more often in the winter when the modules are covered in snow and the “POWER LOW” or “DC LOW” error occurs. In this case, detailed information can be found under the “State PS” menu option in Setup. This displays the last error that triggered the “STATE 516” code.
To check the last error to have occurred, simply press “Enter” to acknowledge error 516.
The unit will automatically switch to the “STATE PS” menu, where you can read the last message.


The mains fuse upstream of my inverter constantly trips. What can I do?
This is very likely caused by a fault in the power module. Please contact your electrical installation engineer, who will arrange for the unit to be replaced or serviced, if necessary (Fronius Service Partners only).


Who is my contact in the event of a fault?
If, contrary to expectations, a fault does occur in your inverter, please contact your system installer, who can arrange all the necessary steps using the Fronius Service Hotline.


How is the inverter connected?
The terminal area on our units can take the form of screwed connections or plug-in contacts.
Inverters from the Fronius IG series can be ordered with screw terminals and with AC or DC plug-in connectors (MC3, MC4 or Tyco connectors).


Display & Errorcodes 

How can I tell if my inverter is working?
Units from the Fronius IG series have a self-diagnosis system that outputs a status message on the display in the format “STATE XXX” in the event of a fault. A list of all the codes that can occur during operation is given in the operating instructions.
If everything is working correctly, the display contains information about all the important system data.


Where will I find the serial number on my unit?
There is a sticker with “Ser. No. xxxxxxxxx/xx” on the metal part of the plug-in card on the bottom of the unit. This ten-digit number is the serial number of your inverter.


Can I reset the “TOTAL” value of the unit?
This is not possible and would be equivalent to fraud, just like resetting a car’s odometer.


Where can I look up the meaning of an error code on the display?
The operating instructions contain a list of all the error codes that can occur while the unit is in use.


Who may open my inverter in the event of a fault?
In principle, any electrician can open the unit and troubleshoot with support from the Fronius Service Hotline. If a defective board in the unit has to be replaced, this must only be done by licensed Fronius Service Partners (FSP).


How can I minimize the length of time the inverter is out of use in the event of a fault?
In such circumstances, you should ideally contact the electrical engineer who installed your system. who can arrange all the necessary further steps in order to eliminate the fault as quickly as possible with the aid of the Fronius Service Hotline.
The Fronius IG 60 and Fronius IG 40 inverters both use the “MIX”-Concept. This means that they are powerful inverters with two power modules that share the work. As well as being more efficient under partial load, this technology also offers greater protection against failure. If one power module fails, the other one continues to work. There is no loss of energy until the irradiance level is high.


Why does my inverter not display at night?
The inverter is powered by the solar modules, so there is no display at night. The DATCOM components, on the other hand, are powered off the mains supply, but have a very low power consumption.


What is the difference between the maximum efficiency and the Euro efficiency?
The maximum efficiency is the highest efficiency that can be achieved by a unit. The Euro efficiency, on the other hand, relates to the efficiency of the inverter under various partial loads.


Connection & Service 

What is the distortion factor of an inverter?
The distortion factor is an indication of the residual ripple of the output current from the inverter, i.e. the extent to which the current delivered by the Fronius IG deviates from the ideal sinusoidal mains current.


What does the “DC LOW” message mean?
This error means that the module's DC voltage is too low. It generally occurs when modules are covered with snow or very dirty. Of course, this message also appears every morning and evening.


What does the “POWER LOW” message mean?
This error means that the module's DC power is currently too low. It generally occurs when modules are covered with snow or very dirty. Of course, this message also appears every morning and evening.


My inverter is displaying the error “State 412”. What does this mean?
This probably indicates a DC voltage in excess of 500V at the unit. Please ask your installation engineer to measure the no-load voltage of the solar modules and check the system design. For safety reasons, always disconnect the inverters from the modules until the situation has been clarified since voltages in excess of 500V DC can damage the Fronius IG.


 When I retrospectively connected a Datalogger to my system, the error message “STATE 509” appeared.
This error message (STATE 509 à No power feed-in for 24 hours) is entirely normal since the datalogger is being connected to an inverter for the first time, which means that there is no data available for the previous 24 hours. This message will be acknowledged automatically once the Datalogger starts to receive data from the affected inverter.


My inverter outputs an insulation message when it starts up that I have to acknowledge. Is it still working in feed-in mode?
If the di-electric resistance of your PV system is less than 1 MW, but greater than 500 kW, the unit outputs an information message that does not affect feed-in mode. However, if error code 502 appears on the display, this indicates that the dielectric resistance of the PV generator is too low. Please contact your installation engineer in order to check the insulation of your PV generator.


Inverter Update 

When should I update my inverter and how do I do this?
Updates should only be carried out when recommended by Fronius or a Fronius Service Partner. The latest version of Fronius Solar.update/IG can be downloaded from our website.
When you run the file, you are guided through the entire, self-explanatory update procedure.
The update may be carried out by the installation engineer using an update card or by the customer using the Datalogger.
Installation engineers can order an update card from the Service Hotline.


What points should I note when running an update on my inverter?
The update should only be carried out in constant irradiance and good weather conditions.


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